Our Story

Forever Loved

In Loving Memory

Louene "Hills" Swaringen
05-28-1938 ~ 08-08-2008
Joseph Albert Swaringen
12-11-1935 ~ 05-01-2020
Ileen "Garrick" Hills
04-16-1914 ~ 05-23-2008

Forever Missed

Our Story
On May 23, 2008, our foundation as we knew it, started to crack. Our Grandmother, Ileen Hills, passed away. She lived a wonderful full life, but our lives would never be the same without her laughter and outlook on life.
Then on August 8, 2008, our foundation completely crumbled. Her daughter; our mother, Louene ‘Hills’ Swaringen, passed away. She was the glue that held us together. We had TO SAY GOOD-BYE TO our ROCK, our SHOULDER TO LEAN ON WHEN THINGS GOT ROUGH, our FIXER OF SKINNED KNEES, BRUISED EGOS AND BROKEN HEARTS.
She had a heart like her mother, as big as the whole outdoors. Neither her nor our grandmother ever put themselves first; they always reserved that place for the ones they loved.
People who loved them were so kind and loving and sent beautiful plants and flowers to honor their memories. But there was one gift that stood out and touched us to our core. ONE OF My Mothers OLDEST AND DEAREST friend sent us each a wind chime with a note saying that she wished she could have been here but hopefully when we heard the sounds of the chimes that would we think of our mother.
That is when “Whispering Wings” was born.
It gave us so much comfort to think each time we heard those chimes that our mother and grandmother were watching over us. Who’s to say that is not true? Either way, each time the chime sounds, it is another way of honoring the ones we love AND MISS so deeply and who are no longer physically with us. Although we may no longer see them, WE still wish to believe they are a whisper in the wind and always close by.